The Regenwald Story

Life is full of experiences. At Regenwald, we believe that acquiring a luxury or exotic vehicle should be an experience that is not only smooth, but also memorable and enjoyable. We are a group of automotive enthusiasts, unified by our desire to provide the highest quality of inventory, regardless of the price point.

While we do specialize in luxury and exotic, at Regenwald, we have a keen understanding of special interest vehicles of all types. If it’s something unique, rare, luxurious or high performance, we are into it. Contact us today to get your Regenwald Experience started.


What can we say? We love cars. The people here at Regenwald are happiest when we’re behind the wheel of something special. Be it a brand new Ferrari or a classic M3. If it’s an interesting car, we’d love to drive it. Whether it’s a chance to enjoy winding roads or track days, we’re there.


Of course, buying, selling and leasing cars is the goal that every dealership has in common. But that’s about where our similarities end. We do things our own way; The Regenwald Way. What does that mean? Well, to begin with, we make sure that every transaction is beneficial on both sides.

We want to make sure you get the right car for the right price. We don’t deal with any vehicles that we wouldn’t proudly own ourselves. We only sell what we’re proud of, that way, we know you’ll love it as much as we do. We want to make sure your experience with us is easy and even enjoyable.


Like a piece of art or a fine wine, some vehicles need to age before they are truly ready to go to market. At least that’s what we convince ourselves when we add something to “The Collection.” Maybe that’s just our own justification for us to keep something cool. Regardless, we are car collectors. We have projects. We have cars on display. We just love cars.