Regenwald heading to Area 27. Summer, 2021.

One of the great benefits as an auto enthusiast in British Columbia is having access to fantastic race tracks. Each summer we try to organize events at them all. This gives us an opportunity to invite clients to bring their cars, and whenever we can, we will bring some of our inventory to the event. For the 2021 event in the Okanagan, we decided to drive an 812 Superfast and a GT4 from our inventory. The focus of the trip was our two track days at Area 27, however the journey back and forth is probably just as fun. We invited one of the attendees to drive with us in his brand new Roma, so we could take some photos of the cars along the way. The pair of red Ferrari’s looked great out on the open road, and were getting lots of attention on the highway.

The highway to Osoyoos is scenic and has nice places to stop for food or fresh local fruit. It’s always nice getting a group together for a trip like this, especially for such a fun drive out of the city.