RW Area 27 2022

Another track season has come and gone. Snow is on the ground in Vancouver, and we’re taking time to look back on the year that has been.

This past summer, we hosted another fantastic event at Area 27 in beautiful Oliver, BC. Once again, we brought a couple cars up to take photos and videos in the stunning scenery throughout the trip. The drive to Osoyoos became rather eventful, after one of the support vehicles in the convoy suffered a flat. During the repair, an M4 key ended up in the wrong pocket, 30 minutes up the highway, leaving the car unwilling to move. Thankfully everything was sorted relatively quickly and our day was able to continue on without any harm done. The photos turned out great, and the travel day was a success.

Attendance at the track was great, and we had a couple of really fun days at the facility. What I like most, is that there were some new faces with us. Some first time track participants came along this year and that is always something special.

We also took time away from the track for more photos and video in wine country around Osoyoos and Oliver. A special thank you to La Stella Winery for being gracious hosts.

Thankfully, hundreds of total laps were put down without incident. As usual, we’d like to thank Edwin from Dynamic Performance and his team for running the pit and making sure the cars were prepped and ready.

We can’t wait for next year, and suggest that anyone interested in joining us should let us know.