The Regenwald Story

Regenwald is what happens when people follow their passion and decide to live out their dreams. The team at Regenwald are a group of true automotive enthusiasts brought together by the simple love of cars. We consider ourselves very fortunate to work with, and around some of the most incredible vehicles on the market today. We also understand the value, character and uniqueness of special vehicles of the past. At Regenwald, we have an interest in every vehicle that passes through our door and we hold the highest amount of respect for doing things the right way. We care about cars and the people that drive them.

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Current Inventory

We are proud to have a selection of fine vehicles available at all times. We maintain a very high standard for the quality of cars we bring in, so you can browse with confidence. If you are looking for something specific that we don't have, contact us.

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$ 268,000.00

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Mileage & Unit14542KM

Fuel TypeGasoline


$ 598,800.00

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Mileage & Unit12789KM




Welcome to the Blog section! If you're interested in seeing what the Regenwald Experience is all about, this is the place for you. We enjoy going to track days, large and small meets/events, conventions and just about anything else that's car related. We're truly a group of passionate car enthusiasts, and never miss a chance to share our enthusiasm with the community in general.

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Meet the Brands: Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz: A Timeless Legacy of Luxury and Innovation At Regenwald, we are proud to be one of the premier dealerships…

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Intro to Track Days with Regenwald

Track Day: A Thrilling Experience for First-Time Visitors Are you curious about what it's like to attend a track day…

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Meet the Brands: Porsche

Porsche: A Legacy of Excellence and Community. As one of the most recognizable and revered luxury automotive brands in the…

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Please visit this section regularly for our Ongoing, Earlier and Future events.

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Aug 26, 2022

RW at Area 27, August 2022

We are once again hosting clients, colleagues and friends out at the beautiful Area 27 racing facility. We are looking forward to two days on the track at the end […]

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